Linux Shell Scripting

Write a shell script to calculate the sum from a given CSV file

Given a csv file name as Items in CSV format with the below contents.Write a shell script to calculate the…

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search data from oracle and text file

Find the existing values of the given text file and check if those records present or not in the Oracle database table

This post helps to understand the basic syntax to opening a file and reading from it along with how we…

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Factorial In Python

Python Program to Calculate Factorial of a Number

         Factorial function is a mathematical formula and used in many areas of mathematics. It is the…

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pattern programs

Python Pattern Based Program

As we are already aware of pattern programs as we are doing this from basic of programming , still it…

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Random function

Most Widely used Random functions in Python

Random module is used to generate pseudo-random number. Random module consist on different built in function but most widely used…

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Numpy Array Manipulation

Numpy is an acronym for “Numeric Python” or “Numerical Python“.It is an open source core library for scientific computing(mathematical, logical)…

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Machine Learning

Below are some useful Machine Learning question and answer. Which ONE of the following are regression tasks? A) Predict the…

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4 simple steps to install Apache Maven on Windows OS

Maven is a project management and comprehension tool that provide developers a complete build lifecycle framework. you need to perform…

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Installing Complete Web Server Step by Step on Windows PC

Installing Complete Web Server Step by Step on Windows PC

This post provides a quick and easy way of Installing Complete Web Server Step by Step on Windows PC.Web Server…

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Add new datasource configuration to Saiku

This post includes, how to configure or add new datasource configuration to Saiku community edition.Datasource is a name given to the…

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