4 Simple Steps to install Apache Maven on Windows OS

Maven is a project management and comprehension tool that provide developers a complete build lifecycle framework. you need to perform following 4 simple steps to install Apache Maven on Windows OS.

Verify JDK

Make sure that JDK is already installed, you can verify by running  java -version  command in the command prompt. if you do not see any information of java version on the command prompt, you might not have installed on your computer so installed it and set the JAVA_HOME variable to point to the base directory location where Java is installed on your machine.

java version
Check Java Version in command prompt

You can set JAVA_HOME environment variable through below mention steps.
MyComputer -> Properties -> Advance System setting -> Environment variables ->add new

Note-Maven 3.3+ requires JDK 1.7

Variable Path JAVA_HOME
Set JAVA_HOME Path Variable

Download Maven

To install Apache Maven on Windows OS, you need to download the latest version of maven zip file. To download the Apache maven click here. Extract the downloaded zip file to any location in your system. Example-C:\apach_maven\bin.

Zip and Unzip Maven

Add Maven Path

Update path variable in system environment variable to point the base directory location where Maven is installed on your machine. Path of maven should be –%maven home%\bin

Click on the new tab then set the path of maven as per mention path in below example and then tab to ok. Example-C:\apach_maven\bin.

environment variable

Verify Maven

To verify either maven is installed properly or not, run mvn -v or mvn -version at the command prompt.it should display the Maven path, Maven version, Java version and operating system information .if below message appears in the command prompt means maven installed properly in the system.

mvn -v
Check Maven Version

“As we conclude our discussion on installation of Apache Maven on window machine, I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to each of you who took the time to engage with this post”.

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